The heart of RJN Furniture 

Since 2004 R J N Furniture- (Richard J Nash Furniture) have been creating products and accessories of the finest quality. Located in a industrial unit in Cheltenham: we are able to keep good control on humidity levels and working environment.

Richard has a very extensive portfolio having worked for Linley as a maker  for many years.  Inspired by 'pushing the boundaries of art in design' and 'the relationship between organic forms and industrial architectural design' he started RJN Furniture to accomplish challenging Products. 

RJN Furniture now works with some of the biggest names in industry.

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We work well together on big projects as a team. 


At R J N we have gained a reputation for being able to produce the most intricate and demanding designs, and work to engineering tolerances in many instances. Much of the work produced over this time has been for prestigious design labels, with some projects being described as ‘Museum Pieces’ and ‘Extraordinary Furniture’.

Hundreds of processes happen to a piece of wood before it becomes the product you love.

Have a look at our workshop video.

What we can do. 

At R J N furniture we are experienced at combining many exotic materials with wood and veneer, and are now regarded as one of the few workshops able to work to a high standard with exotic finishes like Shagreen leather. We have good links to other specialist trades, enabling us to add a large variety of luxury embellishments if called for. Take a look at our materials page below.  

How we try to be sustainable.

We are very conscious of the impact Design and making can have on the environment. Even with the use of these materials, we only use them if necessary to clients needs, and as their are a small number of staff the oversight of materials on each project is easily managed. Materials are bought in specifically for each project therefor the waste is limited.